HookUp Cellular
"The Repair Shop Supply Store"

We started as two brothers fixing Phones as a hobby.

Several years and over ONE MILLION screens later we are still repairing devices [HookupCellular.com]. We also offer prepaid cellular airtime, factory unlock services, a comprehensive recycling program [Cash4LCDs.com], a web development company [InstantRepairSite.com] and an international distribution center for your repair parts needs.

We have established relationships with trading partners all over the world and we work with only the best quality parts and suppliers. We aim to be the price leader and as reliable of a partner as possible for members of the electronics and phone repair parts industry.

We are a tech company founded by repair technicians and we work here 6 days a week to help you guys succeed! If you are stumped on a repair or just want some advice on how we can help grow your business we are always happy to help.

When you grow, we grow, that is our motto!