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Repair Parts for iPhone 5S / 5SE (4")

5SE - A1662 ATT/T-Mobile/Verizon | A1723 Sprint | A1724 China (GSM)
5S - A1533 Global (GSM/CDMA) | A1453 Sprint (GSM/CDMA)

iPhone 5S / 5SE Details for these Models

5SE Released 3/31/16 - Storage available in 32gb and 128gb
5S Released 9/20/13 - Storage available in 16gb, 32gb and 64gb

All 5S/5SE with the exception of A1724 are unlocked/unlockable for GSM/CDMA use.
A1723 is the only 5SE device that will work on the Sprint network.

Color Options - Black (Black Glass) | White (White Glass)
The Entire Front Screen Assembly (LCD/Digitizer, Front Camera, Earpiece Speaker, Proximity Sensor) and Ringer/Loudspeaker, Vibration Motor, and SIM Tray parts are cross compatible with all models of 5S/5SE.

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iPhone 5S Wifi FPC Metal iPhone 5S Wifi FPC Metal
Price: $1.54
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iPhone 5S Home Button Spacer iPhone 5S Home Button Spacer
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